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Specialist ENVIRONMENTAL Consultants

U-HSE Environmental was founded in January 2008. The Company prides itself on the quality it
provides, offering a full range of environmental services.

The company offers a superior, pro-active environmental service based on three main tenets:
  • That environmental procedures must be properly defined and responsibilities ascribed.
  • That in order for an individual to properly discharge his responsibility, he should be trained to do so.
  • That there should be a monitoring procedure in place to ensure that the practice matches the policy.

The U-HSE Environmental team strives to continuously achieve positive influence within our market, through the ongoing personal development process of all team members, ensuring that our people are competent and confident in their role empowering our client base with peace of mind within the ever changing construction health and safety environment.
Head Office 183 Sir Lowry Road Cape Town 8001
Tel: 021-462 6399 Fax: 021-461 1419
Email: info@h-se.co.za Web: www.u-hsee.co.za